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Listening Section
In this setion of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are00 4 parts to this section, with special direction for each part.

Questions : 1 to 3
For each question, there is a picture in your test book, and you will hear four short statements about it on the tape. They are spoken two times and are not written out on your test book, so you must listen carefully. You must choose one sentence – (A), (B), (C), or (D)—that best describes the picture. Then, on your answer sheet, mark your choice !
Look at the picture and listen to the four sentences!

Now, listen to the four statements
a. He is looking at the picture of two women
b. He is sitting in the garden holding a camera
c. He is pointing at the two women
d. He is taking a photograph of the women
Statement (D), he is taking a photograph of two women, best describe what you see in the picture. Therefore, you should choose answer (D).
Now let’s begin with picture number 1

Directions :
Choose the answer that most closely answers the question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet !
4. Mark your answer on your answer sheet
5. Mark your answer on your answer sheet
6. Mark your answer on your answer sheet
7. Mark your answer on your answer sheet

Directions : Choose the best answer to each question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet !

8. What will the man probably do?
a. He will wait for Mr.Santo
b. He will make a phone call c. He will come back later
d. He will thank the reveptionist

9. Why is Mr.Satryo happy?
a. He heard about a new transfer station
b. Someone new will take his place
c. Now he can drive to work
d. He will get to work faster

10. What is the man job?
a. Clock repair person
b. Receptionist c. Supplier
d. Manager

11. How will they get the report to the main office?
a. By computer
b. By regular mail c. By courier service
d. By overnight mail

12. Who is speaking ?
a. An academic researcher
b. A post office employee c. A new engineer
d. A company manager

13. What will happen next?
a. The guest will describe their project
b. They will begin the meeting
c. They will interview the engineers
d. They will have lunch

14. What is the speaker doing?
a. Making a reservation
b. Checking people into the hotel c. Giving a tour f the facility
d. Showing the guest to the restaurant

15. What does the speaker recommend?
a. A hotel restaurant
b. Tighter security c. The local historical tour
d. The new movie, Jane’s

This is the end of listening section
Part V
Items no 16-25 are incomplete dialogues, you have to choose the best sentence to complete the dialogues.

16. Priyo : My hobby is sport, what is your hobby?
Sonny : …
Priyo : Have you traveled around the world

a. I like to travel
b. I like travel c. I like traveling
d. I like traveled

17. Receptionist : Good morning. Vocational High School 1, may I help you?
Caller : may I speak to the principal please?
Receptionist : …
a. I’m sorry I’m busy right now
b. Of course, you cant talk to me now c. May I have your name please?
d. Certainly, I’ll call you back.

18. Endang : What kind of information did the interviewer ask?

a. He asks me if I have work experience
b. He told me about his work experience
c. He asked whether I had work experience
d. He will ask you about your work experince

19. Anwar : … to my birthday party tonight.
Detty : Great! Are you inviting anyone else?
Anwar : Just some of my neighbors.
a. I am coming to invite you
b. I will come to invite you
c. I come to invite you
d. I used to come to invite you

20. Economist : … they shouldn’t pay attention to the bigger ones only.
Host : Why?
Economist : Because they need more help for their survival.
a. the government should facilitate the smallest companies
b. the government should facilitate the smaller companies
c. the government should facilitate the biggest companies
d. the government should facilitate the bigger companies.

21. Customer : … the television you repaired yesterday is broken again.
Technician : Is it? I really apologize. Let me check it again.
Ida : It is still under the guarantee, isn’t it?
a. I must be responsible that
b. I don’t want to let you know that
c. I am glad to inform you that
d. I am sorry to tell you that

22. Officer : … this cancellation form?
Buyer : No problem. Thank you for your service.
Officer : It is my pleasure. Please come back again next time.

a. Would you like completing
b. Would you mind completing c. Can you to complete
d. Would you to complete

23. Boss : …
Neli : thank you for your suggestion and I will try to do it.
Boss : Our company need an employee like you to be ready any time.

a. A hotel restaurant
b. Tighter security c. The local historical tour
d. The new movie, Jane’s

24. Dina : If only …
Dian : What would you do?
Dina : I would continue my study to the University.

a. I have a lot of money
b. I have had a lot of money c. I had a lot of money
d. I had had a lot of money

25. Debby : Do you agree with the death sentence?
Baby : … If the verdict is wrong, what can the government do?
Debby : But the criminals are getting bolder now.

a. I agree
b. I don’t care c. I have no opinion about it
d. I disagree.
Part VI
Error Recognition
26. Student : Can I use this plug spanner to take out the spark plugs?
Mechanic : Of course, you can. You must use the bigger one.
Student : Is this one suitable?
27. Dewi : have you submitted the proposal to the director?
Wida : No, not yet. But I will submit it soon.
Dewi : Don’t be late! The sooner, the best.
28. The company who can protect you and your family from anything that makes you
Suffer is a good place for you to work in.
29. Waitress : Are you ready to order, Ma’am?
Customer : I’ll have soup, a plate of rice, and a piece of fried chicken, please.
Waitress : would I bring you a glass of water, too?
30. She is capable of handling duties of a secretary because of her secretarial
Education background and she also polite, friendly, and temperamental.

31. Employee : Excuse me Ma’am. I have stomach ache. Must you allow me to go to
the doctor’s?
Employer : Of course, and don’t forget to let me know what the doctor says about
Your stomach.

32. Businessman 1 : I wish the economic condition in our country is better.
Businessman 2 : What is the difference?
Businessman 1 : Of course, there would be more buyers.
33. Reni :You look pale. What’s the matter with you?
Rika : I am feeling well today. I think I won’t attend the meeting this
Reni : Actually the boss wanted all of us to attend it. You should ask for
permition fisrt.
34. Woman : have you heard about the new eye surgery?
Man : My cousin just had it performed.
Woman : I’d like to talk with him about her experience.
35. Angga : Why didn’t you come here by motorcycle?
Widhi : My motorcycle is sold last week.
Angga : Why? It never made you trouble, did it?

Questions 36-50 are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the correct answer a, b, c or d to each question.

36. Who Is Roberts Smithson? He is …

a. A tourist from our country
b. Rachman’s English teacher c. An Australian living in Jakarta
d. Seva’s friend

37. Seva asks Rachman to …

a. Fetch Smithson in Jakarta
b. Continue his trip to other parts of our country
c. Visit your hometown and show him around
d. Accompany Smithson to see Dieng

38. What is the purpose of this letter?
a. To get money for the conference
b. To invite speakers to the conference
c. To acknowledge conference registration
d. To make travel arrangement

39. What is enclosed with the letter?
a. A registration form
b. A brochure about the conference c. Tickets for the conference
d. An invitation to the conference

40. Who should Dr.Fin contact if he has other questions?
a. Hwa Inc owner
b. Conference registration c. A ticket agent
d. The conference coordinator

41. When will the computers be installed?
a. During a pre-scheduled
b. All at once c. Over several weeks
d. In March

42. What is the purpose of the memo?
a. To announce the new purchase.
b. To inform workers of the schedule c. To change the leaders of each section
d. To eliminate unnecessary work.

43. What should employees do now?
a. Create a schedule
b. Transfer necessary information c. Call the head of department
d. Choose the computer they want

44. From the above biography, we know that Barrack’s education background was in…
a. Politics
b. Educational science c. Law
d. Governmental science

45. His last career is at …
a. Politician
b. Lecturer c. Lawyer
d. President

46. “ A few month later, he was elected to the uS Senate with …”
The following words are the synonyms of the word elected, except …
a. Selected
b. Nominated c. Voted
d. Represented

Review Budget
Submit Project Proposal
Develop Prototype
Test Prototype
Develop Marketing Plan
Start Production
Ship to distributor
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep

47. This table shows …
a. The number of man hours involved in a project
b. The stages in developing a project
c. How long it takes to make money
d. The changes in the season
48. It can be inferred that …
a. the cost is too high
b. the marketing plan is more important than testing
c. the project is approved in February
d. testing slows down production

49. The main idea of the above article is …
a. That if telephone lines are connected to computers, they will have more functions
b. That computers can be used if they are connected to the telephone lines
c. That telephone lines can be used if they are connected to computers
d. That if computers are connected to telephone lines, they will have more functions

50. When do computer users need to connect to information services ?
a. When they want to gather information from newspapers, TV, books, etc.
b. When they want to find certain information
c. When they want to send and receive electronic mail
d. When they want to talk to other computer users.




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